Adium’s a recording artist based out of Los Angeles, California that I’ve been with for the past few years. In that time, I’ve worked on creating his brand and helping (where I can) with his content. It all started with the creation of his logo which was created completely from scratch. Below, I’ve shared a few examples of my work. 

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One Sheet

This artist one sheet was created to give Adium the ability to quickly send out a PDF by email to prospective booking agents interested in learning more about him. I used an image that I photographed of him during a live performance as the background image and simply added a rectangle shape layer with his biography on top. 

Album Covers

Film Photography Animation

This is a new concept that we’re currently working on for his Instagram posts. It’s a 3D image that rotates back and forth to create this effect. It’s achieved by using a film camera with four lenses that capture four images from different angles. Once these images are developed, I bring them into Photoshop and create the animation you’re seeing here.