In 2016, I became Mills Entertainment’s first and only in-house graphic designer. I took the initiative to propose a rebranding effort to the company and it was immediately approved. It began with simplifying the logo, updating the typography and assigning it a consistent color palette. After its approval, I moved on to creating a style guide for the company to follow to ensure consistency with the brand.

The Mills Entertainment website was also in need of attention when I noticed that it was a hybrid HTML, Flash, and WordPress site that was very difficult to update. Website management wasn’t what I was originally hired for but I created the skeleton of the site during my off hours and presented to our CEO. He immediately gave me the green light to continue creating the site that’s being used today. I was able to create a responsive website that’s much easier to update, SEO friendly, and created password-protected portals for clients to access our marketing assets. All of this eliminated countless hours of work inside the marketing team and saved the company money by not having to hire contract web designers to update the site.

Below is a before (left side) and after (right side) look at the website.

Lastly, I used my video production skills to work by recording some footage from our shows and edited the company sizzle reel myself.

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